Victor Ho Media

A man of two worlds

Graphic Design
My time with Graphic Design

I started out doing Graphic Design all the way back in 2012, providing and creating graphical assets for JK Wong Kungfu Academy and Chin Woo as a tenth grader in high school. My first time in the world of Graphic Design was designing t-shirts and medal designs for the Legends of Kung Fu Martial Arts Tournament. Designing and creating assets for the 2013, 2014, 2016, and 2018 tournament runs with my responsibilities increasing.

Outside of that, I provided graphical assets of ads, posters, brochures, and certificates for JK Wong Kung Fu Academy up until 2020. With everything created and made with and in Adobe Photoshop

In the middle of all that, I do sometimes spend time practicing learning or relearning, and typically they're either posters or digital art.

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Web Design/Development
My time with Web Design/Development

Back when I was in community college, I decided to swap my major and focus from a simple certificate of Graphic Design to an Associate's Degree of Applied Science. Of course, it was incredibly common back then and today since most people who enter college swap from their first choices of a career to something entirely different. I actually ended up enjoying my swap and the stuff I learned and gained during any Web Development courses.

I consider Web Design/Development a hobby and one of my first picks for a career path because I enjoy creating things with my own two hands and I love the process of creating websites. There is this sort of mystic wonder and satisfaction whenever I open up the text editor and code something. Just think of it as feeling completely at home but on a keyboard with ten fingers.

My experience with Web Design/Development amounts to maintaining and updating information and building a website for JK Wong Kungfu Tai Chi Academy. I spend most of my free time in regard to Web Design/Development creating, building, and experimenting with different aspects of it through Bootstrap 4 & 5.

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My time with Photography

I've been practicing and honing my craft in photography ever since my senior year of high school, or 2013 to be exact, summing up over a decade or so as of this writing. Learning the basics with old-school cameras and DLSR Cameras, and experiencing the ins-and-outs of the Dark Room. I use both my experience and knowledge to take photos that focus on atmospheric and environmental shots of urban areas since I live in a metroplex.

My experiences outside of school and my free time sessions over the years were taking photos for a wedding and during my time with JK Wong Kungfu Tai Chi Academy. My time with JK Wong Kungfu Tai Chi Academy was both as a performer and a photographer, having taken photos during multiple years of Chinese New Years, etc.

Nowadays, I practice photography in my free time and whenever I see something photo-worthy. Typically, I upload the photos I take on Facebook and share them with the people and friends I know, both in real life and online.

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My time with Videowork

When I was younger and back in high school, I tampered with and dabbled in video editing with Windows Movie Maker. I used my time back then to create joke videos since it was one of the trends of the 2010s gathering video clips, splicing them up into something less sensible, and creating my own subtitles and whatnot. I wasn't consistent due to obviously being a highshooler back then and having my time spent helping out JK Wong Kungfu Tai Chi Academy.

Although I have gained experience over the years of creating videos through different means, understanding which file types work with what, and going through the work of recording gameplay footage with a graphics card, Then you have all the wetwork of creating graphical assets in PNG file format and finding out what video types take up the most space and how much time it takes to render.

Most of my experience is with creating content for JK Wong Kungfu Tai Chi Academy and freelancing for an actor stationed in Dallas once upon a time. Since then and in recent times, I have used my skills and knowledge of videowork to create and oversee stuff related to Voice Acting. I found that I had the passion and love for the wetwork of creating voice-related video content, to the point where I picked up scriptwriting as a skill.

Voice Acting
    Setup and Equipment
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AI Art Prompt Generation
Inspiration and Motivations

I was inspired by a Prompt Engineer by the name of Ezekiel Eastbrook, who focused on creating visually appealing backgrounds with the use of their writing skills and MidJourney. Having seen their free asset packs on and being touched by their general altruism and good faith in others, I decided to use MidJourney myself with the intention of providing others with free assets to work with, but for character portraits.

I decided to take my usage of MidJourney in a more serious manner, backing away from using it to create assets for a voice acting parody video. This was after finding out I enjoyed doing the huge and massive leg work as both a video editor and voice actor on a project I personally helmed.


My reasons for being a Prompt Engineer myself are purely motivated by the form of altruism that Ezekiel Eastbrook showed when he was active as one back in early 2023 and wanting to provide others with the means to things they can't normally have. Although I do have a firm stance on my usage of MidJourney and AI as a whole, I do not want to use AI to make a profit in any form. I just want to help others, and that's basically just it.

Philosophy and thoughts on AI

If you were to ask me about what and how I feel about AI as a whole, the answer would most likely be netural. My reason is that AI is fun to experiment with, it should be approached with caution. Examples include using AI to see what it can come up with without resorting to marketing or selling it as some sort of product, or using it to supplement your own skills and work when AI does it for you. AI should be used for the benefit of others rather than yourself, but reality often doesn't pan out in the most positive or idealistic way.

I've messed with AI ever since 2019, when usage of ArtBreeder was more well-known and spread in certain parts of the Internet. I always messed with ArtBreeder in a casual manner without ever thinking about using the generations made for profit. When 2021 came around with the release of DALL-E 2 and MidJourney, I was abit more cautious of my usage as the world started to spiral out of control over how effective AI had become since the time of ArtBreeder. Watching communities tear themselves apart over the ethics of AI and their usage in the grand scheme of things.

I keep my distance and strictly use AI for both experimental and non-profit reasons, as I do not think AI should be used to cause any problems nor make any money out of.

If I want to do something like hire somebody for a project or for work, I'd prefer to hire them over AI since the best results are often from somebody who isn't a machine. Sure, AI has been amazing since it became mainstream in 2021, but I think there are things that it can't clearly do.

Plus, if it requires me to use my own skills, I'll use them over AI. Although the world is starting to shift towards profits and speed over time and skill, But can you blame anyone for wanting to pay less for more?

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