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A man of two worlds

My name is Victor Ho, and I was born in the city of Dallas. I am currently living within the DFW or Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. I've had nearly a decade worth of experience in the multimedia field and an actual ten years worth of experience as a performer through my time with J.K. Wong Kung Fu Tai Chi Academy.

My time with J.K. Wong Kung Fu Tai Chi Academy

I first volunteered as a performer back in the year 2008 or 2009 for the annual and/or yearly batch of performances for Chinese New Years, having to go through years of physical training and performances by the dozens up until 2020 when the first year of COVID started. At the start of my performing career, I started out as a tail or a two-man lion dance costume before transitioning and training in the head position and being part of a twelve-man dragon dance team. I've performed with the group through grand openings of local businesses, social events such as weddings and birthday parties, cultural events such as schools and corporate parties, parades, music videos, commercials, and casinos such as Winstar.

In the year of 2012, I started volunteering as a Graphics Designer - tasked with creating graphical assets and designs for the Legends Of Kung fu Tournament's medals. Serving as the Graphics Designer for 2013, 2014, 2016, and 2018 tournaments, transitioning from designing medals to designing posters and t-shirt designs. In the years between the tournaments, I created graphical assets for J.K. Wong Kung Fu Tai Chi Academy, creating and designing posters and ads for the business's local seminar sessions taking place in Houston. Outside of the posters and ads, I've also designed and helped print out certificates for the school's organization called Chin Woo.

I also learned how to do video-editing as a freelancer, photography, and served as their Web Designer/Developer from 2018 to 2020.

My time since then?

I left J.K. Wong Kung Fu Tai Chi Academy in 2020, wanting to find my own place in the world with the skills I learned from them and during my time in community college. In the time between the past and the present, I've developed new hobbies and interests, lost interest in certain things, and found what I liked and didn't like. I can't exactly say I did any soul-searching, but it is more like I decided to find my determination and resolve to pick myself back up after my time with J.K. Wong Kung Fu Tai Chi Academy and give myself another try at putting my best foot forward.

Nowadays, I spend my time developing and redeveloping both old and new skillsets while experimenting with AI on the artistic side for non-profit purposes. Reintergrating myself back into society, reconnecting with both family and friends alike, and getting back into the things I love the most.

This website showcases some of my previous works with J.K. Wong Kung Fu Tai Chi Academy along with stuff I've done in my free time This includes stuff such as Graphic Design, Web Design, Photography, Videowork, Voice Acting, and AI-Generated content.

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